This is our main kennel. It is the largest kennel building we have. It is fully equipped to handle all their needs. The building has heat and air for all year round comfort for them. Each pin is equipped with their own personal doggie door so each dog can outside whenever they want. They all have bed to sleep on and toys to play with. We also have a grooming room in the main kennel. it is a separate room where I can give them a bath and groom their hair. We have bichons, westies, Chihuahua, cairn terries, corgies and dachshund in this building.


The Whelping House


This is the whelping house (nursery). This is where all the puppies are born. The building has heat and air to ensure that the puppies and their moms are comfortable. we also have heating pads and heat lamps to make sure the puppies stay nice and warm. Each pins is connected to a camera with a live stream. The live stream is view able from my house so that I can keep close tabs on the puppies. The whelping house is one of my favorite places to be  I love watching the puppies when they are born and watching them grow.






The pug building is our newest facility. This building is only for the pugs and is maintained to the quality of all of the other buildings. It also has a viewing room were people can go see and play with their puppy.







We have a separate building  and play area for the German shepherds. They have heat and air as in all of the other buildings.





When the adult dogs get older they get to live in the retirement building. They have soft beds to lay on and they are pampered and loved on.